Product information:

Material: Latex

Shape: round

Color: Multicolor

Style: 104-piece set, 128-piece set, 113-piece set, 143-piece set, 73-piece set, 150-piece set, 128-piece skin, 108-piece blue, 136-piece set, 122-piece set, 144-piece set, 105 Piece set, 131 piece set, 124 piece set, 86 piece set, 105 piece set Macaron blue, 185 piece set, 127 piece set, 132 piece set

Packing list:

Balloon set*1

Weight0.28 lbs
Dimensions250 × 150 × 30 in

104piece set, 105piece set, 105piece set Macaron blue, 108piece blue, 113piece set, 122piece set, 124piece set, 127piece set, 128piece set, 128piece skin color, 131piece set, 132piece set, 136piece set, 143piece set, 144piece set, 150piece set, 185piece set, 73piece set, 86piece set


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